How to love in a world of hate

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is a bit of a personal post on my journey to self-love, inspired by today’s magical celebration. I hope it helps anyone out there who can relate. Feel free to comment down below on how you came to good terms with your body, I’d love to hear it!
Many girls (myself included) deal with body-image issues. Thanks to social platforms like Instagram, the pressure is definitely on us to look better, thinner, curvier, have a bigger ass, have bigger boobs, a smaller waist (the list is endless).

Honestly, is this realistic?

I spent the last four years avoiding the real truth, dipping my feet into different diets and forcing myself to conform to certain eating rules. You know where I found happiness?

Accepting that this is who I am and then loving it.

Look at those pictures and understand that this expectation is a social construct. Eat because it will nourish your soul and give you the energy you need to hit those fitness goals. Two years ago I couldn’t do the male version of a push up with proper form, and now I can do 15. What have you achieved so far? Celebrate that!

Here are some small habits that help you show love to your body:
Take care of it. I love to spend time dry brushing my body before a shower. After showering, slather on your favourite lotion. It’s a small gesture but it makes my body feel like a queen.

Stop judging it. Instead, compliment it! Focus on what’s great about it. Strong arms? Legs that can run for days? Positivity keeps that glow within. Trust me. I’m thankful for my toned legs but my upper-body is crazy weak. This makes me more motivated to smash that arm workout.

Keep it active with exercise. There are so many short workouts you can find online that gets your heart pumping and the blood flowing. I’ve recently tried out this app called 8fit which personalises workouts and meal plans. I don’t pay for the meal plans but I like how short & sweet the workouts are.

Don’t restrict it. Unhealthy food isn’t something people can easily cut out of the picture. I know this from experience. I kept trying, but it ended up in binges. Not good. Tell yourself it’s okay to treat your cute ass for working so damn hard, then go for one cookie. Moderation is key.

Let it rest. Our bodies function very poorly without adequate sleep. So many studies have backed this up. Remember to be able to feel fresh every day, get in 7-8 hours a night. Set an alarm to remind yourself (if you’re like me and tend to dilly-dally about sometimes).


Your body is real and so beautiful, don’t you ever forget that.

“You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your own way can illuminate the world.” – Oprah Winfrey



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