How I Started My Fitness Journey

Most of my friends have no idea when I truly started exercising. Looking back on it now, it’s a really funny story. I never thought I would be ‘fit’ or ‘athletic’. I used to be REALLY bad at sports, thanks to my skinny and very scrawny figure.

19 July 2013

Taken in 2011, when I was around 14-15 years old. I had just began my fitness journey and would often follow along videos in my room.

So here’s a bit of a backstory:

I graduated from primary school extremely shy and mousy. The school I went to forced everybody to join a CCA (co-curricular activity). In my early years, there was some tennis and softball experience, but I remembered feeling really uncomfortable and awkward. So after the first session I just stopped turning up.

Secondary school rolled around and I made good friends with a girl who loved to run. She had previous achievements revolving Track and Field and so I joined her.

As typical as it was, I started to pursue the treadmill like a boss. Even at the gym, where there were dumbbells and weights and even the bicycle machines, I stayed on the only familiar ground I was comfortable with; running.

And I got to be pretty good, actually.

Then I turned fifteen, and all of a sudden my seventeen year old sister makes a resolution to workout. She was (and still is) an avid Tumblr user. After seeing numerous fitness blogs pop up on her feed, she wanted to get in shape.

I came home one day to see that she had convinced my father to buy her two dumbbell sets in different weights and an exercise ball. One night she hollered my name and forced me to join her. She was following a video where two girls were demonstrating working out with an exercise ball on the beach. It was hard. We couldn’t get through it.

But it was such a curious challenge, and I became hooked.


I think everyone has a reason why they started. Whether it is to feel stronger, get leaner, or just to stay healthy for the long run, every journey is unique and amazing!

What is YOUR fitness journey like? I really want to know! Drop me a comment below on how you started and what motivated you! ā¤


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