A Sweet Alternative: 5 ways to satisfy that sweet tooth without damaging your health

Let’s face it, sugar cravings are real. When I am on my period, on top of having supernatural abilities to devour a whole pandan cake on my own, I want so much chocolate it’s ridiculous.

Take it from the girl who used to drink bubbletea every day in primary/secondary school. My go-to was the classic milk tea 😉

When I started exercising regularly, though, my cravings for sugar reduced tenfold. Slowly, I cut out the snickers bars and the hershey’s, and eventually the only sugar I consumed was dark chocolate (70%).

Sugar has a bad reputation for being linked to heart disease, diabetes and obesity. In addition, if you are the type who consumes soft drinks regularly (that’s 1-2 cans a day), your odds are not any better. Research shows that people who do so have a 26% greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes than people who rarely have such drinks. 

And that’s just for soft drinks.

But it IS possible to reduce your sugar intake, even if you don’t feel that way. Take it one day at a time, no rush. If you foresee the future without sugar to be bleak, that is exactly how it is going to be. So please, only positive thinking!

Here are 5 of my favourite ways to reduce my intake of refined sugar

  1. Use dates in your smoothies! Total #GameChanger
  2. Have nuts on hand, on your desk, in your purse, everywhere. This is a lifesaver when you feel peckish.
  3. Drinking any kind of tea (I really like Peppermint tea)
  4. Substitute white sugar in baking for a low Glycemic Index sweetener like coconut sugar. Similarly, its also good to explore whole grains; brown rice, quinoa, spelt.
  5. Have Agave Nectar, Maple Syrup and Honey in your pantry at all times! I buy this Agave Nectar from iHerb and use it to sweeten my teas or desserts.

iHerb is the best place to get healthy groceries delivered to your doorstep, plus they ship free to Singapore if your order is over SGD55.85 (you can also get 5% off your order with my code RFV667)

Let me know if you guys have other alternatives to cutting sugar! I’d love to hear your experiences.

Credits to SprinkleBakes for the beautiful photo above


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