Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide: What’s good to know before starting

Two years ago, I started the bikini body guide and made it to week 4.

Last year, I re-started it again, and made it to week 5.

Six weeks ago, I was looking through old progress photos from last year and saw how toned and strong I looked. So I told myself to try again. So I picked up from where I left off (week 6) and guess what, I made it. After two years!

I’m laughing at myself right now as I type this. It took forever to finish this program! For those of you who don’t know what the Bikini Body Guide (BBG) is, it’s a 12 week program where you incorporate resistance weight training circuits, low intensity steady state (LISS) cardio workouts, high intensity interval training (HIIT) and stretching programs. If you google “Kayla Itsines BBG” and you’ll see examples of her guides sprawled all over the web.

Instagram (@kayla_itsines)

When I started doing BBG, my first two rounds went uncompleted because I felt like I was doing too much cardio. I was self-conscious about my body. See, I don’t really have a lot of body fat to lose so once I noticed that my body was getting too thin, I stopped.

Don’t get me wrong, it felt amazing to be so strong and so fit. My mindset, at that time, was heavily skewed. I worried too much about what other people thought of me that I forgot about my own goals.

First attempt at the bikini body guide while i was in Jakarta in 2015 on holiday

For those of you wondering about the price of these guides, yes they are expensive. Kayla requires you to follow her nutrition program as well, and that’s at additional cost. To purchase both guides in a bundle, it totals up to SGD130.16. Don’t forget that you will need to purchase weights as well if you want to work out at home. This all adds up to a hefty price, since you will also be required to eat healthy while on this program.

Who would be perfect for this program? If you’re a stay-at-home mum, a student without any extra-curricular commitments or someone working only part-time, then this would be good for you to consider. If you don’t have an open schedule, then I don’t recommend you to commit to this program. It is taxing on the body and you will likely quit somewhere along the way…just like me.

So the question is: What do you NEED to be able to complete this successfully?

  • Commitment. For sure you’re going to have people ask you why you are doing this. I definitely experienced this with my family, who don’t really workout as often as I do. In life, you gotta be your own cheerleader #truestory
  • Money. I’m going to be as realistic as possible; this program is expensive. If you include the grocery expenses, it can be totally unaffordable for those who still depend on their parent’s income to survive.


But hey, everyone’s life is different. If you are still convinced that this program is perfect for your weight loss goals, here are 3 tips for those just starting out:

  1. Create space in your house where you can workout peacefully without distraction. I find this so important because I hate people walking around me or talking to me when I’m exercising (ok but seriously…who does?!).
  2. Modify the workouts to suit your fitness level. If you can’t do a full push up yet, drop to your knees and slowly build up to it. No rush, girl. You got this.
  3. Assess your fitness level before jumping into the program. Kayla requires anyone who wants to start their BBG journey to be physically active first. This means you must currently be exercising regularly and be comfortable doing High Intensity Interval Trainings (HIIT).


For more information on her guides, you can visit her website here.  Definitely check it out if you are interested in getting stronger. One thing that is so great about the BBG community is that the women in it are so positive and motivating. I follow a couple of them just because I really love how they smash their goals every single time. You can find the girls from Kayla’s community completing two or three rounds of the first BBG program before moving on to the second guide! It’s truly amazing.

Thanks for reading my experience! I’m sure everyone has a different perspective on what works for their body! Feel free to share your experience in the comment section below.


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